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Small Orbs of brilliant light, Mystical Mount Shasta, Aquarian Age schools in the center of the Universe,
Interdimensional travel, and the survival of the human race are just the beginning. Join Forest Waters and Aurora Collins in this visionary adventure. Are you really ready to find out? * Find out who the Ancient Brotherhood of Light consists of, and what their critical mission at this pivotal moment of time in Earth’s history is. * Learn what part dreams play in activating our super-conscious awareness, and when the past and the future become the present. * See where the evidence that Earth has been visited and populated by beings from other star systems is, and who they were. * Why are small Orbs of brilliant light appearing to many all over the planet at this time? * How should we be preparing for the coming great shift? The Cosmic Clock is ticking. Find out as Forest and Aurora enter a secret portal and travel interdimensionally to the great schools of light, where Aquarian Age keys are safeguarded.

        Journey of the White Robes, Fred Jenning Rogers

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Author Fred Jenning Rogers
Aquarius Books & Gifts, Grants Pass, Oregon

Geof Jowett Spiritual Medium, Intuitive, Educator and Author

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Geof Jowett
With the release of their first communal album 3rd Eye Rising – A Journey Through Ascending Realms - the healers combine their eternal intention, divine energies and infinite gifts on a journey through realms of the sacred sound current, providing another vehicle for their healing work to reach millions worldwide. “3rd Eye Rising is an extraordinary experience of the soul’s journey inward and upward, facilitating healing and the discovery of one’s true Self”, describes Rasamayi. “Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate healing and transformation on all levels through the healing power of sound”, adds Paradiso.

Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi. These concerts are doorways to multidimensional journeys, always accompanied by reports of transformative experiences - and usually sell out in advance. Experience “King,” the world’s largest quartz crystal didjeridoo, and dozens of other utterly unique sacred instruments. Paradiso and Rasamayi’s collaborative debut 3rd Eye Rising is featured in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s upcoming app MyHado, was voted in the top 5 of 2011’s meditation and relaxation CDs by industry professionals, and in the top 20 of 2011’s international airplay of world, ambient and New Age music. 2012’s expansion and ascension is musically expressed in their new website

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what's cooking in heaven grandma? Author Geoffrey Jowett

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Author of Buddhist Bootcamp and Faithfully Religionless

Aquarius Books & Gifts, Grants Pass, Oregon
Karen M. Haughey is an award winning artist, published poet, and designer whose angel paintings are the beautiful backdrops for our angel messages. Her work has been shown in private as well as corporate collections, and in numerous galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Due to the unique quality and derivation of her work, Karen’s angel art has been seen on television, book and magazine covers, and she has been interviewed on nationally broadcast radio programs.

Karen is author and artist of the internationally published coffee table book, "Angels, Guardian's of the Light", which is a collection of her ethereal paintings, philosophies and life, published by Hay House.

As a certified trainer, Karen teaches personal development workshops privately as well as in public seminars. Based on the internationally acclaimed best selling book, "You Can Heal Your Life", by Louise L Hay, Karen’s powerful life changing courses help people improve in the areas of: self esteem, love, career goals, team building, overcoming fears, releasing the past, and overall health. She is also an ordained Christian based non-denominational minister, Reiki Master, and credentialed arts and crafts instructor.

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